I created Boomslang to decrease the amount of boilerplate code I had to write when producing plots for research papers. Boomslang treats both plots and plot data as objects. This allows functions to return plot data or plots, and allows plots to be flexibly and cleanly composed. Boomslang also abstracts away much of Matplotlib’s syntax, which can be confusing and brittle if not used properly.


Boomslang requires a recent version of matplotlib.


As a Python Egg (via pip or easy_install)

The latest stable version of Boomslang is available from easy_install or pip.

easy_install boomslang
pip install boomslang

This will install Boomslang in your Python installation’s site-packages directory.

Installing the development version

If you want the latest features, it’s probably best to use the development version of Boomslang until it reaches a point where I bring it out of beta. To do this, install git and clone the repository:

git clone git://

Once you’ve cloned Boomslang, you can either add it to your PYTHONPATH or symlink it to your site-packages directory.